Mean bosses can teach you a lot

I have had three pretty difficult bosses who have helped shaped who I am as an employee and person. At the time it is really hard to see what you are gaining from being treated poorly or unprofessionally, but if you think critically about the situation I can guarantee there are hidden blessings amidst. Here are a few examples of how to see the blessings through the BS:

-You learn not to take things personally, and develop thicker skin.
-You learn how to look at yourself critically.
-You develop an inner sense of strength and get practice guarding your heart.
-You learn tremendous work ethic when someone is constantly riding your a**.
-You get great practice loving your enemies (ha!)
-You develop the ability to rise above your circumstances and learn from them.
-Once the above are embraced, you get really darn good at what you do.

Notice above how I used the words develop and learn multiple times. Mean bosses though they may be, serve a purpose in your journey. In hindsight, I am grateful for my experiences with them that grew me in a positive way, and forgive the rest.


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