The social media conundrum

A productive person usually has some kind of issue with social media.

Whether it’s lack of boundaries or the clutter it creates in their mind, I’ve seen a lot of successful people struggle greatly with the negative effects of indulging in social media. Eventually a person has to make some serious decisions. Do I get rid of it completely, or just my personal accounts? Should I schedule the working of it, and never, ever check it outside of those time blocks? How do the most successful people handle this?

What I’ve noticed is that most productive people have limited to no social media. By limited, I mean they decide ahead of time what and when they will post, ready it, schedule it through a program such as Hootsuite, and take it off their hands almost entirely. Others will dismiss is altogether, especially if they already have a strong network or following.

I’m in favor of greatly limiting it, and contributing to it more than consuming it. What’s your opinion on social media?



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